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Majalis e AZA on martyrdom of Maula Ali (A.S) Melbourne

Parachinar Welfare Society Victoria organized 6 nights Majalis e AZA on martyrdom of Maula Ali (A.S) here in Melbourne in Parachinar Imam Bargah Victoria.                

Al-Asr Society of Victoria Opening Ceremony

OPENING CEREMONY OF AL-ASR SOCEITY OF MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA Al-Asr Centre is the first big, modern state of art, well-orqanized and is such a wonderful Muslims Community Centre that meet all the requirements of a Shia Muslim Community in Australia. The Al-Asr Centre is comprising a beautiful Mosque (having 800 persons capacity), Imam Bargah, Mudrasa that […]

Eid ul Azha 2017 in Melbourne Australia

Members of Parachinar Welfare Society Victoria celebrate Eid ul Azha 2017 in Parachinar Imam Bargah Melbourne Victoria. Mr. Sadiq Ali Karbalayee  (a religious Scholar from Iraq Karbala) recite the Eid ul Azha prayer in Parachinar Imam Bargah Melbourne Victoria today Saturday 2nd of September 2017.

Parachinar SIT-IN (Dharna) protest june 2017

The people of Parachinar started a 8th days long sit-in protest after the twin suicide attack by the terrorists 23rd June 2017 in Parachinar Pakistan and demanded that it will be continued until the Cheif of Army General Qamer Javed Bajwah or The Interior Minister come in ¬†Protest and meet with their demands. Meanwhile, social […]