PWSV Online Membership Application Form

Your Membership registration form will be forwarded along with the proof of  your Payment Receipts/Invoice/etc to the General Secretary and Chairman of Parachinar Welfare Society Victoria for approval. Once your membership application is approved you will be provided with your membership approval details. The time you receive your membership approval you will be a proper member of our society.


You will not be entitled to receive society membership benefit before the approval of your membership in written please.

Membership Terms and Conditions 
  1.  Every member will be dealt and entitled to receive full benefits equally unless otherwise if not complying with the terms and conditions mentioned herewith in this policy.
  2.  Membership Fee is AUD 500.00 for an adult and AUD 250.00 for aged below 18.
  3.  Anyone of the following a. originally from Parachinar Kurram Agency and b. a resident of Australia and c. a Shia Asna Ashari Imamia can become a member of Parachinar Welfare Society Victoria Inc.
  4.  An adult is entitled to receive full Membership benefits while an under 18 is entitled to receive half of the benefits.
  5.  If a member is under 18 and he/she becomes over 18 then he will be entitled to receive full benefits until he/she pays full adult membership fee.
  6.  If a member is covered by Insurance, a company like TAC etc then he/she will still get the full benefits.
  7. Compensation will be made by the members after each funeral expense. Total expenses will be calculated by the total numbers of the registered members.
  8. In case of death if a member has paid or is paying in instalments, for paying less than full membership fee then the member will not be eligible to get any financial benefits except funeral assistance.
  9.  In case of death, the Funeral Committee will be responsible to manage and co-operate with the effected family including providing three times of meals.
  10.  In case of death, and when the body is transported overseas of a member ages 1 year or over an air line ticket will be booked by the society only for one authorized person. This person must be nominated or a closer relative of the deceased member.
  11.  In case of death, If the age of a member is less than 1 year and the Parent of the member want its repatriation outside of Australia then Society will assist but not pay for the repatriation.
  12.  Membership can be cancelled on the written request of the member and a AUD 40.00 Cancellation Fee will be deducted from the refund or paid to the society by the respective one.
  13. If a member dies in Australia payment of AUD 10,000.00 while if it is outside of Australia then AUD 15000.00 will be paid to the affected family by the society through the nominated (authorized person).
  14.  If a member of Funeral is not paying society donations which is AUD100.00 for Muharram, AUD50.00 for Arbaeen and AUD100.00 for Ramazan then the member will not be entitled to receive funeral benefits. But in case of death such a member funeral arrangements will be made by the Society.
  15.  Pre-birth registration is not allowed.
  16. A member staying more than a year outside Australia will not be entitled for the benefits.
  17.  If a member is deported his or her membership will be cancelled.
  18.  A baby will be registered when the society receives the following documents of its birth; a. Birth Certificate/Proof of birth from the Hospital. B. Membership Fee c. Properly filled PWSV Membership Registration form.
  19.  If a member has a baby born outside of Australia it will be registered only once they arrive in Australia and apply for PWSV Membership according to para No. 16.
  20.  It is the responsibility of the member to keep update his personal particularly contact information with the society. If a rule is changed and a member is affected but not informed because of not informing the society of the change of his contact details or other information then the rule will apply on the member.
  21. If a member leaves Australia and one or more of its children are died they the member will receive benefits but society will not pay for the funeral and others expenses.
  22.  Twins will be registered and entitled individually.